Custom Printing

 Clothlete offers premium custom towel printing services. We can print your logo on golf, gym, and yoga towels. Custom printed towels are great for golf tournaments, corporate gifts, yoga studios, private gyms, golf clubs and resorts, or just because you want your own name printed towel!

Our heat transfer, dye-sublimation towel printing technique will not change the feel, look, or absorbency of the material. We offer several different size options depending on the type of towel you require, as well as the option to purchase an additional print.

For our custom printed golf towel selection, you have the option of personalizing center-cut golf towels, magnetic greenside towels, or hook and grommet golf bag towels. We do not offer Screen Printing or Embroidery service options. We can ship blank microfiber towels to you or your vendor for bespoke towel printing, if required.